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United States Government involvment by the Mormon Church is a conspiracy generally unknown by American Citizens.

The Mormon Conspiracy provides a summary of the history and current practices of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to become a dominant force in governing the United States Government. The popular selling Mormon book can be purchased at amazon.com .

Mormon Church leaders have plans to ordain their President as the king of the United States Government to be established in America and eventually the world. It is believed that the General Authorities have established the framework by secretly continuing the Council of Fifty originally established by church founder Joseph Smith and continued by long time president of the church, Brigham Young. The council of Fifty is prepared to assume top positions necessary to administer the affairs of the country. The Council of Fifty would be in the hands of the king, (the President of the Mormon Church), his two Counselors and the Twelve Apostles. Common consent rules the governing of this group. That is, the President consults with his counselors and apostles and the “king” then puts his proposals to his Counselor and Apostles for unanimous approval.

In this type of leadership there would be no opposition party. The General Authorities of the Mormon Church would rule nations in the same way that they govern the church today, making decisions and passing them down to church members. Church authority is absolute in the relationship between the General Authorities, lower echelon administrators and the church membership.

A very comprehensive volume dealing with Mormon issues that most others who have written about the Mormon Church have left untouched, namely the political ambitions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and how they have become successful toward this goal, unnoticed by the majority of Americans. He has captured the " spirit of Mormonism" and understood the internal structure amazingly well without ever having been a Mormon. Dr. Wood's research and conclusions show originality and give helpful conclusions which open the reader's mind to see the true nature and plan of the LDS Church for the America and the world.

This scholarly book was written by Charles L. Wood, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor at the University of Akron.

"When I sent off for this marvelous book, the paranoid thought even entered my head, that perhaps this was an elaborate plot to check out if I was a true Mormon. I am still reading the book and last night I didn't turn the light off until 1:30 am. I was totally engrossed!"

A Review of Present Day and Historical Conspiracies by the LDS Church to Mormonize America and the World.

The Mormon Conspiracy
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