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The Mormon Conspiracy Within The Church

Mormon The Mormon Conspiracy to change America and the world into Mormons. The Mormon Church has furtive intentions to control America and the world with their Monarchy.

The scholarly book at website Mormon Conspiracy To Rule America reveals to the reader the political ambitions of Mormon church. You can read inside the book at

"Marvelous book"

"When I sent off for this marvelous book, the paranoid thought even entered my head, that perhaps this was an elaborate plot to check out if I was a true Mormon. I am still reading the book and last night I didn't turn the light off until 1:30 am. I was totally engrossed!"

A very comprehensive volume dealing with issues that most others who have written about Mormons and the Mormon Church have left untouched, namely the political ambitions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and how they have become successful toward this goal, unnoticed by the majority of Americans. He has captured the " spirit of Mormonism" and understood the internal structure amazingly well without ever having been a Mormon. Dr. Wood's research and conclusions show originality and give helpful conclusions which open the reader's mind to see the true nature and plan of the Mormon Church for America and the world.

A conspiracy is recognized when one observes the practices of the Latter-Day Saints Church, also known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. The scholarly book The Mormon Conspiracy reveals to the reader how the Latter-Day Saints church (LDS) is organized to restrict individual freedoms, individual thought, independence and democracy. The Mormon Conspiracy documents how the LDS church leaders are involved in these conspiracies to control the United States government, and eventually the world, by establishing its "Kingdom of God" on earth. The words "Kingdom of God" are in quotes, because in reality this is not a Kingdom of God that the Mormon Church wishes to establish, but rather a Kingdom of the Latter-Day Saints Church, led by fifteen men, the Presidency (three men) and the Quorum of Twelve apostles of the church. The Latter-Day Saints church members are controlled by an authoritarian organization much like the Monarchy that prevailed in such European countries as France and England before the French Revolution and before a democracy was established in England.

From the days of Joseph Smith to the present time, the LDS church has developed an extensive social and peer group organizational conspiracy to keep members in the church. The active Latter-Day Saints member spends about many hours a week in related activities that include church attendance, volunteering, and social activities. Everyone in the family is immersed in Latter-Day Saints sponsored activities, which include volunteer service as home teachers (men), visiting teachers (women), as members of a basketball league, attending Boy Scout meetings, acting as Boy Scout leaders and for adults serving on the various auxiliaries. Other jobs in the LDS church include bishops and their councilors, stake presidents and their councilors, Elders’ Quorum presidents and their councilors, teachers in Relief Society, Mutual Youth Organization, Primary (for Children under 12) etc. All of these LDS church programs are directed by local volunteers, who receive their direction from Salt Lake City.

This scholarly book the The Mormon Conspiracy was written by Charles L. Wood, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor at the University of Akron.

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