The Mormon Church Conspiracy

The Mormon Church Conspiracy is little known in America.

Friday, July 13, 2007



By Charles L. Wood, Author of

"The Mormon Conspiracy"

The Mormon Conspiracy Website

The Mormon contingent working for Mitt Romney is in full force spreading its propaganda to convince voters from Iowa, New Hampshire and other early primary voting states that a person’s faith should not be a factor in determining a person’s fitness to become President of the United States. Several books have been written recently glorifying Mitt Romney as an outstanding candidate for President. These books attempt to minimize Romney’s "devout belief" in "the bizarre, Mormon cult of Mormonism." Three such books are:

"A Mormon in the White House? 10 things every American Should Know about Mitt Romney" by Hugh Hewitt

"Will Americans Elect a Mormon President? Why Religion will not keep Mitt Romney out of the White House" by Niles A Fuller

"Mitt Romney: An Accomplished Leader For America" by Lisa Ray

As will be enumerated below, "Mormonism is an authoritarian clearly false religion whereby its leaders demand members to believe it is true without question." It is based on a book called "The Book of Mormon" written by Joseph Smith in the early 1800’s. Smith claimed that this book was translated from gold plates buried in a hill near Palmyra, New York. He also claimed that an angel of God, Morini, showed him where these plates had been buried centuries before Smith dug them up. According to Smith’s story, Moroni was the lone survivor of the God-favored tribe, the Nephites, after a bitter battle against the Lamanites, an Indian Tribe that Smith claimed to be the ancestors of present-day American Indians.

Smith claimed that God provided him with seer stones that enabled him to translate the ancient foreign language on these plates into his book. I have written "The Mormon Conspiracy" that presents evidence that clearly shows that this claim by Smith is a hoax and that the claim of Mormon Church Leaders today that this book is the divine work of God is completely false.

Many people believe that one’s religious beliefs should not be considered for any qualifications for public office. However when these beliefs are likely to harm our American democracy then voters have a responsibility to ensure that such a person is not elected President of the United States. I believe that Romney’s upbringing, devotion and indoctrination in Mormonism would be disastrous for America if he were elected .

Why is Mitt Romney a Dangerous Candidate for President of the United States?

1. As a devout member of the Mormon Church, Romney would continue the historical practice of Mormonism in promoting a religious theocracy in the United States. This is true since Romney is a product of the administration of the Mormon church where all decisions are made by the top fifteen leaders, the Presidency (President and his two counselors) and the twelve apostles. He has served in several leadership positions in the Mormon Church including Bishop, Stake President, Missionary and High priest. It is the practice of church leaders to keep financial affairs of the church secret as well as deliberations in church affairs. There is little or no involvement of the general membership in church decisions. Appointment of officials in the church are made by its top authorities. Democratic actions, such as selecting leaders by the general membership, do not exist.

The founder of the church, Joseph Smith, created the model for his Mormon Church theocracy at Nauvoo, Illinois in 1839, where he appointed himself as Mayor, President of Nauvoo University, Lt. General of the Nauvoo Militia and President of the Mormon Church. Brigham Young continued Smith’s model of Theocracy in Utah following Smith’s death in 1844, a Theocracy that lasted until Young’s death in 1877.

2. As a devout member of the Mormon Church Romney must accept any appointments by church leaders such as that of Bishop, Mission President, Missionary and other church offices without question.

3. As a devout member of the Mormon Church, Romney has a temple recommend that requires him to pay 10% of his gross earnings to the Church. This is no problem for multi-millionaire Mitt Romney, but a real hardship for many members since the church encourages large families.

4. In receiving this temple recommend, Romney is required to be loyal to and support church leaders, wear sacred garments (with Masonic emblems), refrain from drinking coffee or alcohol, regularly attend church priesthood and other meetings, follow church rules and doctrines and agree not to be involved with or have sympathy for any apostate groups.

5. As a member of the church Romney believes in Baptism for the Dead, polygamy in after life, and that he will become God of his own planet when he reaches the Celestial kingdom of heaven, the highest level that he has already earned.

6. Since he pays his 10% tithing and follows the rules and doctrine of the church, Romney may attend the secret ceremonies of the temple. In these temple ceremonies Romney wears special white garments with Masonic emblems and participates in body oil-ointment sessions. He has received the secret handshake and other secrets of the church and swears not to reveal these secrets to anyone.

7. Romney is a member of the Priesthood and has unlimited authority to act for God with supernatural powers of healing and to represent God in his relationships with his wife and family.

8. Romney comes from a family of Romneys who have for 150 years been dominate in the Mormon church leadership.

9. As a member of the Mormon Church, Romney believes that his wife should obey him in all things as long as he obeys God.

10. Romney has endorsed the Iraq war and the manner in which it has been handled by George W. Bush. It is expected that he would continue the policies of Bush toward a Theocracy that destroys separation of Church and State.

11. Romney has had excellent success in raising money for his campaign. In addition, he has donated over six million dollars of his own money for his campaign. He has promised that he will visit all 99 counties in Iowa during his campaign. It is not surprising that campaign money is rolling in, since Mormons are thoroughly indoctrinated in the beliefs of Mormonism and believe that their religion is the chosen one that will usher in the second coming of Jesus Christ.

12. Romney is a member of a cult since mind control and fear are common both in cults and in the Mormon indoctrination program. He wears his garments since church leaders have indoctrinated him into believing that if he doesn’t wear them, something awful will happen to him. (This is a phobia, a tactic used in mind control.) The garment also is a binder of the Mormon to Mormonism. Mormon Church leaders have taught Romney to believe that the fifteen Mormon Apostles are infallible --that they are God’s representatives and therefore cannot make a mistake.

13. In attending the temple, Romney repeats vows of loyalty, submits his body for washing and anointing to remove sins and experiences heaven by being pulled through a veil.

14. Romney’s millions of dollars that he has contributed to the Mormon Church have helped in the drive to control as much of the public media as possible. This concept of the control of the media is likely to be continued by Romney if he is elected President of the United States. The Church under the Presidency of Romney would be allowed to gain more and more control of the media with his appointment of FCC members who are sympathetic to the Church’s purchase of television and radio stations, newspapers, books stores and other media outlets.

These beliefs and practices of Mitt Romney, as a member of the Mormon Church, would without a doubt influence Romney in his decision-making as President of the United States. The current President, George W. Bush has demonstrated that the office of president is a powerful position. He has shown that a person without wisdom, without appreciation for individual freedoms, without appreciation for the respect for differences in foreign nations and their rights to determine their own destinies, can defy public and congressional opinions and ignore their constructive advice. Bush has shown a willingness to support religious groups even though these groups destroy our nation’s tradition of separation of church and state.

The Mormon Church, of which Mitt Romney is a member, is authoritarian, has a history of promoting theocracy and has a vast bureaucracy organized to expand its false religion through its 60,000 member missionary system. With his strong belief in this system, Romney would use this powerful position as President of the United States to continue the policies of George W. Bush to limit our freedoms, and promote the fear of terrorism, causing congress to pass laws like the Patriot Act that gives the Presidency even greater powers to restrict individual rights.

The election of Mitt Romney as President must not succeed.

Following is a suggested list of credible and respected sources that refutes the Mormon Church Hierarchy’s version of the Joseph Smith story. These books will convince one not to join or continue to be a member of the Mormon Church.

Fawn Brodie’s "No Man Knows My History"
B. H. Robert’s "Studies of the Book of Mormon"
Brian M. Fagan’s "The Archaeology of a Continent"
Harry M. Beardsley’s "Joseph Smith and his Mormon Empire"
Janice Hutchinson’s "The Mormon Missionaries"
Sonia Johnson’s "From Housewife to Heretic"
Michael D. Quinn’s "The Mormon Hierarchy, Extensions of Power"
Charles L. Wood’s "The Mormon Conspiracy" (
Tammy F. Braithwaite’s "Journey to the Center of my Soul, A Mormon Odyssey"