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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Mormon Conspiracy

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From the author of The Mormon Conspiracy.

Mormons are very skillful in their discussions. The average person without knowledge of the truth will be sucked in like a Hoover vacuum.

If the Mormons don’t want to be known as a cult, they should stop acting like a cult.


In the short two years since the completing the first printing of “The Mormon Conspiracy,” I have corresponded by e-mail discussed my book with hundreds of Mormons and non-Mormons. From this correspondence, and discussions from both critics as well supporters it was evident that some aspects of Mormonism needed further elaboration. The internet, with its e-mail and website component, provides ordinary citizens opportunity to investigate the truth and share their opinions about a wide array of topics and events. While powerful organizations, such as the Mormon Church, may gain control of a large share of the public media, the internet is also a powerful organization in itself, since it is easily available and affordable and can counteract self-serving and untruthful public media. It is a tool that is available world-wide that has the potential to give a greater voice to individuals in controlling and promoting their own interests and welfare and limiting the power of those who attempt to control people either by religious or other means. The internet is a free thinker’s medium to explore and to discover the truth. Public media, on the other hand, may become the mind-controller’s medium, unless safeguards are made to insure that minority as well as majority viewpoints are presented.

Since the first printing of my book, I have read several investigations and reports on Mormonism. With this information, and the e-mails that I have received from almost every state in the United States and many foreign countries, I have compiled the following information to supplement the conclusions that I have discussed in the first printing.

Lack of Scientific and Logical For Mormon Beliefs and Doctrine

Many Mormons accept that there is no scientific or logical proof of the truthfulness of the teaching by church leaders concerning Mormonism. However many still cling to an emotional experience. “God tells me it is true.” Countless Mormon believers have told me to read the “Book of Mormon,” pray about it, and God will tell you it is true. The good feeling that they receive from praying and reading Smith’s Book of Mormon provides them with their testimony “I know that the book of Mormon is true.” However one of their own, Grant M. Palmer, (An Insiders View of Mormon Origins) questions this emotional response as verification that it is the truth. In his book "An Insiders View of Mormon Origins. Palmer, who has spent his lifetime working within the Mormon Church Educational System as a teacher and supervisor of teachers in CES, questions the value of the emotional experience of feeling good about the Book of Mormon, for example as determining the truth of this book.

A handful of those who are believing Mormon members, have tried to show the authenticity of Mormonism by providing “scientific and logical” proof that Joseph Smith’s Book of Mormon is true by attempting to show that it is a factual history of the ancient Indians of Central and South America. They have attempted to show that Smith’s book is authentic since studies comparing the “Book of Mormon” with other ancient books show that Smith’s word usage and writings correlate favorably with these ancient books.

A few devout Mormons have disputed DNA and archaeological studies that clearly show that Smith’s Laminate (Indians) ancestors emigrated from Eastern Asia. They argue that the DNA of Joseph Smith’s Laminates has disappeared in the centuries since the time period of Smith’s book. These arguments are prominently placed in official Mormon Church internet websites. The official Mormon Church website focuses primarily on providing church sponsored “research” that contradicts research that disproves Mormon beliefs and teaching.

Concerning Mormon Church-sponsored “research,” Raymond Richards writes: “Each field of scholarship has its own pseudo-scholars. Geography has its flat earthers. Biology has its creation scientists. Archeology has it believers in ancient astronauts. Medicine has homepaths. Physics has inventors of perpetual motion machines. Astronomy has astrologers. Historians have holocaust deniers - and the Mormon church. There are other religious groups from the United States with false and dangerous ideas - 7th-day Adventists, Christian Science, and the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses - but none of them has the millions of members or billions of dollars of the Mormon church. We must take the Mormons seriously. ….When a religion claims to be the supreme fount of fact, when it contradicts research and opposes freedom of inquiry, then it should be challenged by academics. Although students are often victims of this church, we should fail students who use unsound methodology to believe in pseudo-scholarship, such as Creationism or the Book of Mormon as history. If we grant degrees to incompetent students, then universities are a joke.” (Raymond Richards, paper presented at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand)

Control of the Public Media

In my book, I reached several conclusions that I made based upon my research into Mormonism, one being that Mormon Church authorities are buying up radio and television stations, newspapers and other media in order to gain control of public media outlets. If total control of such media could be achieved, this would be very dangerous to our American democracy as it would hinder the free flow of diversified information. . I had thought that all people, including Mormons, would be opposed to allowing one group, or one organization in control of the public media. But much to my surprise, Mormons enthusiastically and almost gleefully supported their church leaders gaining control. “We trust our church leaders to promote high morals and wouldn’t it be nice to remove the immoral literature that we are now receiving through the media.”

Mind Control

What is it that causes people to believe in magical and mystical organizations such as the Mormon Church, an organization basing its beliefs on a fairy-like story of Joseph Smith’s golden plates and his translation of these plates (with God‘s help) in writing the Book of Mormon? How is it that an organization is able to attract and keep members whose donations allow it to build a 50 billion dollar empire? I believe that Larry and Tammy Braithwaite in their book, Journey to the Center of My Soul, have put forth a credible answer to this question. This is the concept of The Pattern (a method of fear and control that the Mormon Church uses to keep members) The Binder (Church leadership binds “us heart and soul to the perpetual requirements of being a good Mormon”) and The Bound (“We gradually give up questioning the doctrine and history of the Church that seemed vague and troublesome and try to concentrate on doing all we could to be worthy of the larger, eternal blessings.”)

The Double-Bind is then employed that confuse and deny the Bound the ability to “think or feel rationally.” For example, whereas Church doctrine (D&C 93:36) teaches The glory of God is intelligence, or, in other words, light and truth, church leaders tell You will remain silent on those [doctrines] where differences exist between you and the Brethren. (Bruce McConkie’s Letter, Feb. 19, 1981)

“What The Pattern does, in effect, is turn the independent rational mind around so that the Bound reflects only the mind of the Binder, as a mirror. It creates a whole new orientation of the world, a conversion from the logical to the illogical-- the real to the unreal -- the truth to lies.”

This concept is explained further: “In the real world, nature provides us with an open system of trial and error, awareness and learning. Exercising our own bodies, senses, minds and self-direction allows us to reach for the stars, to see a greater range of possibilities and fulfill ourselves by being true to ourselves. In contrast, The Pattern, or upside-down world of Mormonism, took away our individuality. We became part of the mass known as the Latter-day Saints. We were instructed several times a week about what to think, what to believe, how to behave, what to read, how to dress and how to spend our money.”

Joseph Smith, the founder of the Mormon Church was a master at using The Pattern in sidestepping any questions or problems that he faced in his leadership of the Church.

One example of Smith’s use of The Pattern is when he told Oliver Cowdery and Hiram Page that he had a revelation from God that they should go to Toronto, Canada to sell the copyright of his “Book of Mormon.” After returning in failure, these men asked Smith why this mission had failed, since it was a revelation from God. Smith went into another room for a few minutes and returned saying that the whole thing had merely been a test to see if they would do all things whatsoever the Lord commanded them. (It’s not God or Joseph that messed up, it was Hiram and Oliver, who needed to be tested, who failed.

Reinforcing mind control by church leaders

Following are some of the answers to questions given by Church officials in order to reinforce mind control, transferring faults of the church, God, Joseph Smith or church leaders to rank and file members:

1. Some things haven’t been revealed yet and will be revealed to you later or in eternal life.

2. Lucifer wins a great victory when he can get members of the Church to speak against their leaders and do their own thinking.

3. You are not trying hard enough. Try harder and pray about it.

4. Or if a member of the Priesthood’s blessing does not cure a health problem:

It is not the blessing that didn’t help you to overcome your sickness, it was your lack of faith. You need to have faith and pray about it.

5. Or if you don’t believe in the authenticity of the “Book of Mormon,” you don’t know enough about it to understand it. Here again, it’s not church leaders, God’s or Joseph Smith’s fault, it is your fault and you should feel guilty to question the word of God, Joseph Smith or church leaders.

6. If a person questions why they aren’t receiving the church’s promised blessings, You need to examine your life and see why you aren’t righteous enough to deserve these blessings.

7. If a member questions the church’s claim that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, or a fraud, You need to knell down and pray about it and God will tell you that Joseph Smith is a true prophet.

8. Or if you a member questions church doctrine and practices, Pray about it “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

9. If you question the authorities of the church, “You must not speak out against the Lord’s anointed.”

10. Or if a member violates a church rule. “Satan has gotten a hold of you, ask a member of the priesthood to remove Satan from your body.”

11. If you have written something critical of the church. “You are doing Satan’s work in attempting to harm the church.”

The Mormon Church teaches: Nothing is ever God’s, church leaders, or the church’s fault. It is always the fault of the member’s behavior or a misunderstanding of the correct behavior of church doctrine, or that Satan has led you in the wrong direction. This is a carryover from Joseph Smith, the founder of the church, who was very clever in always making the person feel guilty and self responsible when he fails, or questioned church policy. Bishops and other church leaders generally follow the same responses that Smith made to his followers. If you question church doctrine, or the “Book of Mormon,” the Bishop or other church officials will tell you to read it again, be humble, remember you are a child of God, pray about it and he will tell you that it is true. Doubters as to the truth of Mormonism are told they are risking apostasy and separation from their families for eternity. This line is a powerful mind control tactic.

The following from an e-mail writer also describes ways to reinforce mind control:

“I took 4 years of LDS seminary throughout high school just to realize how brainwashed these people really are. They truly believe in a blind faith that will take their 10 percent of their earnings until the time of their death. Kids, who receive the priesthood and then abandon the church are taught that they will spend an eternity in Hell, whereas if you murder millions of people, like Hitler did, the most time you can spend in hell is 1000 years.” These kids are forced to stick with the church on the belief that if they leave they are worse human beings in God’s eye than Hitler was.

Testimonies and Mind Control I know, I know, I know

The testimony is an integral part of mind control that church leaders exercise over Mormon Church members. Tammy Waithwaite, a former long time member of the Church, taught her young children a testimony, as soon as they were able to talk. She remembers her son repeating his testimony: “I know that Joseph Smith was a pwoffut and the Book of Mommun is twoo. She now knows that she was teaching her son to lie and realizes that “This kind of repetition of meaningless mantras is, of course, one the techniques in brainwashing.”

These testimonies are often repeated in church meetings with such testimonies often beginning with I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only true church on the face of the earth. I know that Gordon B. Hinckley is a Prophet of God. Include other examples of I know, I know

Temples and Mind Control

Realizing that they have the keys that control entry into temple ceremonies (such as marriage) church leaders have utilized this tool to further the binding of members to church teaching. Some Elements of mind control that are uased in temple ceremonies include members repeating vows of loyalty, submitting their body to washing and anointing in order to remove sins, wearing of special temple garments and experiencing an imaginary heaven by being pulled through the veil.

A temple ceremony is necessary to achieve the church’s promise of eternal family life in heaven, since members must be sealed to their father in a special temple ritual. This results in further mind control, by increasing the binder of the bound members. And since only those members who pay full 10% tithing are allowed in the temple, this also increases the coffers of church donations.

Garments and Mind Control

Officially designed undergarments are required to be worn at all times for those who receive temple ordinances and for women who are married in the temple. This is mind control of the highest order since garments signify a behavioral control over the individual. Garments are also a phobia (tactic used in mind control) since Mormons fear that if they don’t wear them, something awful will happen to them. The garment serves as another binder of the bound Mormon to Mormonism.

Missionaries and Mind Control

If the Church’s quoted figure of 60,000 missionaries serving in missionary centers throughout the United States and the world is correct, this represents only about one-fourth of this age level (19 and 20 year olds) of the approximately twelve million members claimed by Mormon Church officials. While the mind control exercised upon these young people is intense (with the preparation in the Missionary Training Centers of a packaged presentation to insure that the official message of the church is presented) it involves a minor part of the church population.

Following the few weeks’ training session, missionaries are assigned to a missionary center, manned usually by a man and wife supervisor who insure correct behavior and supervise the work of these young missionaries.
However, the greatest element of mind control by the church is that two missionaries are expected to always be together, either in missionary work, recreational activities, or non-work activities. In this respect, they are the watch-dog for each other. This insures that one or the other is unlikely to break any missionary rules such as dating, making unapproved telephone calls, or misrepresenting the approved text of the church. This togetherness is another example of the binder of the church controlling the bound church member.

Infallibility of Church leaders and mind control

Since the fifteen Mormon Apostles (President, his two counselors and the twelve Apostles are considered to be God’s representatives and therefore cannot make a mistake, they are considered infallible by church members. When the Prophet speaks, the thinking has been done. This is a very valuable mind control tactic used by the Mormon Church which reinforces the concept that if these men are God representatives, God will not allow them to make a mistake. Therefore, if the Apostles teach that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, then Joseph Smith was also a representative of God, and therefore, his doctrine, revelations and his book, the Book of Mormon is the truth, the same as spoken by God. Again, the Binder (Church Leaders) is controlling the Bound church member.

Boy Scouts as a recruiting tool

In one of my conclusions, I write that the Boy Scouting program of the Mormon Church is an excellent tool used to bring more converts into the Mormon Church. Many have verified the accuracy of this statement. For example, one writes: “I read a preview of the book [The Mormon Conspiracy] where it says that Boy Scouts are used to get kids to join the church. Where I live that is the complete truth. In fact I went to a friends Eagle Scout ceremony to celebrate with him on his accomplishment. It was at the Mormon church, and everybody who stood up and talked, for some reason it turned in to a religious speech. Every speaker threw in personal experiences and then proclaimed that the church is true.”

Poverty in Mormonism

In one section of my book, I describe the poor living conditions that some students at BYU and other members face in trailer courts. I suggested that instead of the church spending millions of dollars glorifying Mormonism by building temples and “historical” monuments with expensive statues of Joseph Smith and other early church leaders, that this money could be more appropriately spent in assisting those families and students that live in austere circumstances. One e-mail respondent wrote “…wow I have seen with my own eyes how poor and distressed a few of its members are. The friend, who is a member, introduced me to some elders --she pay’s tiths (sic) regularly and she is so bad off that I have even bought groceries for her so she won’t go hungry. ….even the higher up priest or elder whatever he was isn’t employed and living from hand to mouth but he calls it frugal.”

The Mormon Kingdom of God on Earth

A major theme of my book is that Church leaders are carrying forward the plans of Joseph Smith and Brigham Young to establish a theocracy of Mormonism throughout the United States and eventually the world.
This may be happening, not so much in the United States, but in other countries. This is exemplified by the following e-mail received from New Zealand.

The Mormon DO have quite a hold on things in the city of Hamilton. [New Zealand] Ever since that sister’s threat, I’ve had a tough go of it. She and her mum know a lot of high-placed people in the church. It seems that Mormons “force” people into high positions and high paying jobs….. (or else?) I do know the highest status lawyer in the Waikato region is a strong Mormon…. Very active in the Hamilton, NZ church… and he’s the head coroner and has a strong relationship with the police.

I am here in New Zealand and see that the Mormon church has literally corrupted and destroyed many of the local Maori people. The church has convinced them that they are a very whanau, (pronounced “fawnau” meaning ‘family’) friendly church. What the Mormons are doing is, once rooking a Maori father into the church, they promise him that (through God) his family will (magically) be better off. When the “better life” doesn’t materialize the church tells these (unknowing about the Mormons) folks that they need to talk the rest of the Whanau into joining the LDS church or cut themselves off from the non-members, because that (the non-Mormon family members, e. g. cousins, aunties, uncles, etc) is the cause of the failing of the coming of the “promised” good life.

The truth is, the most devastating thing one can do to a Maori family is to tell them to cut themselves off from their family (whanau). Knowing this, the Mormon church exploits this to the max.

The following concerns of an American succinctly illustrates the Mormon Church control of politics in the United States: “Our school district has a very large Mormon base, several of whom are direct descendants of previous church presidents and original apostles. These individuals tend to use their social status to influence politics within the area. I am very concerned about some of the issues that may arise from the growth of the Mormon church, and the political power that seems to be building in the organization. I have done quite a bit of research into the origins of this religion and find it quite baffling that any logical person could believe the authenticity of what Joseph Smith claimed to have happened. The fact that so many people are doing so, seemingly blindly is very unnerving.”

What God is, man may become (complete, with examples from e-mail letters)

The young missionaries came back today. After discussing quite a few other topics, I asked if they believe they can become gods in heaven. First of all he didn't come out and say no. He told me they believe in eternal progression. That didn't really answer my question. Then he mentioned that God came to earth as Jesus, right? I said, yes. And if Jesus is God, God evolved, so basically, so can we. It wasn't really a straight answer, but I think he was basically saying yes, they believe they can become gods. I have a feeling if they come back, they will bring someone more knowledgeable to answer my questions.

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