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Faith of the Mormon Church, also called the Chuch of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Mormon LDS faith is written about in further detail in the book "The Mormon Conspiracy." The Mormon Conspiracy reviews a new Mormon faith written by Charles L. Wood. The book can be read or purchased at the website Mormon Conspiracy or at

This new faith was shaped by Joseph Smith, Jr. after he, with his scribes, wrote a book, called the Book of Mormon. Mormon Church leaders claim it is the only true religion on earth. The Mormon Conspiracy reveals the Mormon church’s beliefs and doctrines (mostly written by Joseph Smith, the church’s founder and first president) that are fraudulent. This new religion began its history with a conspiracy by Joseph Smith to fool his followers that his new religious book was the divine work of God. This deception of Smith has been continued to the present day by current church leaders by numerous activities and projects including glorifying and institutionalizing Mormonism including suppressing non-faith promoting documents and teaching members not to read such materials.

It is important to consider the condition of life for the New England people during the time of Joseph Smith as this provided the mechanism for the invention of a new religion. The economic existence for the vast majority of inhabitants was wrestled from the land that was rocky, infertile and hilly. It was, to say the least, a very rigorous life with little opportunity for improvement of one’s place in life. Life expectancy was very short, with a high mortality rate of infants and children. In short, the people were ripe for accepting a religious belief that promised them eternal life in a blissful and harmonious “after-earth-life” that would include family members who had died at a young age. In many cases, parents were fearful to become too attached to their children since death might take them away. Because of this constant threat of death, the development of a religion that promised eternal life would thrive. The religion would flourish especially if its inventor was a leader with charisma, intensity, great imagination, intelligence and hypnotic skill in controlling his followers as was Joseph Smith. He was the one who could build and develop his new religion by convincing the Saints that with faith in God and by following his commandments, death on earth would be followed by eternal life in Heaven. Not only was this written in the Book of Mormon, but Smith’s remarkable imagination used in his sermons, writings, and the construction of his beautifully designed temples, gave his Saints a glimpse of what life might be like in Heaven. The white veil, elaborate fixtures and the luxurious decor of the numerous Mormon temples certainly emerged from the fanciful and dreamy mind of Joseph Smith. The temple indeed represented Smith’s Heaven on earth.

The story of the building of this new religion is often characterized with Joseph Smith’s riding away in the night to escape the wrath of non-Mormons who believe that he and his followers have swindled them, or because of their activities which they (non-Mormons) found to be oppressive and offensive.

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