Brain Washing

Brain Washing and The Mormon Conspiracy

Brain washing and the Reinforcing of brain washing by Mormon church leaders.

Following are some of the answers to questions given by Church officials in order to reinforce brain washing, which transfers faults of the Church, Joseph Smith or church leaders to rank and file members: The scholarly book The Mormon Conspiracy goes into further detail.

1. Some things haven’t been revealed yet and will be revealed to you later or in eternal life.

2. Lucifer wins a great victory when he can get members of the Church to speak against their leaders and do their own thinking.

3. You are not trying hard enough. Try harder and pray about it.

4. Or if a member of the Priesthood’s blessing does not cure a health problem: It is not the blessing that didn’t help you to overcome your sickness, it was your lack of faith. You need to have faith and pray about it.

5. Or if you don’t believe in the authenticity of the Book of Mormon, you don’t know enough about it to understand it. Here again, it’s not church leaders, God’s or Joseph Smith’s fault, it is your fault and you should feel guilty to question the word of God, Joseph Smith or church leaders.

6. If a person questions why they aren’t receiving the church’s promised blessings, You need to examine your life and see why you aren’t righteous enough to deserve these blessings.

7. If a member questions the church’s claim that Joseph Smith is a prophet of God, or a fraud, You need to kneel down and pray about it and God will tell you that Joseph Smith is a true prophet.

8. Or a member questions church doctrine or practices, Pray about it “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

9. If you question the authorities of the church, “You must not speak out against the Lord’s anointed.”

10. Or if a member violates a church rule, “Satan has gotten ahold of you, ask a member of the priesthood to remove Satan from your body.”

11. If you have written something critical of the church, “You are doing Satan’s work in attempting to harm the church.”

The Mormon Church applies brain washing by teaching that: Nothing is ever God’s, church leaders‘, or the church’s fault. It is always the fault of the member’s behavior or a misunderstanding of church doctrine, or that Satan has led you in the wrong direction. This is a carryover of brain washing from Joseph Smith, the founder of the church, who was very clever in always making the person feel guilty and responsible when he fails or questions church policy. Bishops and other church leaders generally give the same responses that Smith made to his followers. If you question church doctrine or the Book of Mormon, the Bishop or other church officials will tell you to read it again, be humble, remember you are a child of God, pray about it and he will tell you that it is true. Doubters of the truth of Mormonism are told that they are risking apostasy and separation from their families for eternity. This line is a powerful mind control tactic.

The following from an e-mail writer also describes ways to reinforce brain washing:

“I took 4 years of LDS seminary throughout high school just to realize how brainwashed these people really are. They truly believe in a blind faith that will take 10 percent of their earnings until the time of their death. Kids who receive the priesthood and then abandon the church are taught that they will spend an eternity in Hell, whereas if you murder millions of people, like Hitler did, the most time you can spend in hell is 1000 years.” These kids are forced to stick with the church on the belief that if they leave they are worse human beings in God’s eye than Hitler was.

A very comprehensive volume dealing with Mormon issues that most others who have written about the Mormon Church have left untouched, namely the political ambitions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and how they have become successful toward this goal, unnoticed by the majority of Americans. He has captured the " spirit of Mormonism" and understood the internal structure amazingly well without ever having been a Mormon. Dr. Wood's research and conclusions show originality and give helpful conclusions which open the reader's mind to see the true nature and plan of the LDS Church for America and the world.

This scholarly book was written by Charles L. Wood, Ph.D. Emeritus Professor at the University of Akron.

The Mormon Conspiracy

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