The Mormon Church Conspiracy

Mormon Church Conspiracy
Mormon Church
The LDS Church Conspiracy to Rule The World

Second Edition 2006
Black Forest Press

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The Keystone of Mormonism by Arza Evans

The Keystone of Mormonism
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The Mormon leader Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, declared his Book of Mormon to be "…the most correct of any book on earth." However, this careful study reveals a large number of serious Mormon errors. For example, his characters had access to spring steel, window glass, machinery, and submarines centuries before these things were invented. They also had horses, chariots, elephants, silk, and linen contrary to the claims of archaeologists, anthropologists, and other scientists. Smith's Mormon Nephites and Lamanites were alone here in their "promised land" despite overwhelming scientific proof that many other civilizations have been in America for thousands of years. Also, his "prophets" quoted Old and New Testament Prophets hundreds of years before these men were born in the Old World. The Keystone of Mormonism documents these and other serious errors in Smith's book.

Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION 7 (1.) The law of Moses 27 (2.) Tall Tales, a Fantacy world 31 (3.) Beware of False Prophets 45 (4.) Contradictory Doctrine 53 (5.) Fictitious Translations 65 (6.) Anachronisms and Imaginary Geography 75 (7.) Conflicts with Scientific Facts 79 (8.) Plagiarism from other Books 86 (9.) The Most Correct Book On Earth 95 (10.) Credibility of Witnesses 107 (11.) Reason Vs. Testimony 111 (12.) Social Pathology 121 (13.) A Legach of Deception 134 (14.) The Outlaws 154 (15.) A Lust for Power 171 (16.) Mormonism Vs. Traditional Christianity 192 (17.) New Scriptures 213 (18.) Other Doubters 233 EPILOGUE 250 APPENDIX A, (Quotes from the Nauvoo Expositor) 259 APPENDIX B, (Who has been hurt by Mormonism?) 267 APPENDIX C, (Our Cast of Characters) 271 REFERENCES 289 INDEX 313

"Journey to the Center of my Soul" A Mormon Odyssey by Tammy J. Braithwaite

Journey to the Center of My Soul

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A Mormon Odyssey takes the reader into the heart and soul of a Mormon couple who discover that the Mormon church religion of their heritage is laced with a web of lies, deceit, and cover-up. They began their journeys separately, each motivated by a desire to learn the unvarnished truth about the religion they had come to embrace. As they followed the trail of Mormonism from before its inception they discovered a history at odds with itself, where truth was illusive and nothing was what it seemed. Join their heart-wrenching journey through Mormonism and beyond. Based upon the personal experiences of the author and her husband followed by an in-depth research into the original documentation of the Mormon religion, they learn things about the Mormon Church and themselves that they never dreamed. Their integrity is tested, their minds are challenged, and their hearts are broken. It took tremendous courage and commitment to take such a journey but in the end they have triumphed, discovering that spirituality lives in the heart of the individual not in religious doctrine. A Mormon Odyssey is so touching, so informative, and so thoroughly documented that it may well change the reader's life.
Tammy and Larry Braithwaite 2990 East Riverside Dr. #135 St. George, Utah 84790

"Suddenly Strangers" by Brad L. Morin and Chris L. Morin

Suddenly Strangers
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The ideal of being a rational person is to, at some point, critically examine one's own inherited beliefs. Yet, few who do take up this challenge are equipped to withstand the self-doubt and unsettling disorientation which may follow. The narrative of this book is that rare instance where two brothers of deep moral conviction and intelligence summon the energy and conviction to see this ordeal through to its conclusion. The end result unmasks insights of enduring power. This book has the appeal of a good mystery, and I had the same sense of satisfaction of a mystery being solved.

–Heather Ashton-Summers Portland, Oregon

Out Of The Shadows
Out Of The Shadows

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Out of the Shadows : A rape victim examines her life in and out of Mormonism

by Pamela McCreary

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"Marvelous book"
Mormon LDS Church Conspiracy

"When I sent off for this marvelous book, the paranoid thought even entered my head, that perhaps this was an elaborate plot to check out if I was a true Mormon. I am still reading the book and last night I didn't turn the light off until 1:30 am. I was totally engrossed!"

Mormon Church Conspiracy The Mormon Church Conspiracy

A Review of Present Day and Historical Conspiracies by the Mormon Church (also known as LDS) to convert America and the World into Mormons.

A very comprehensive volume dealing with issues that most others who have written about the Mormon Church have left untouched, namely the political ambitions of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and how they have become successful toward this goal, unnoticed by the majority of Americans. He has captured the "spirit of Mormonism" and understood the internal structure amazingly well without ever having been a Mormon. Dr. Wood's research and conclusions show originality and give helpful conclusions which open the reader's mind to see the true nature and plan of the Mormon Church for America and the world.


"Absolutely a good book, an eye opener."

"The truth is evident"


"I read it for six hours, I couldn't put it down."

"I couldn't believe that the Mormon Church was worth 50 Billion Dollars. They must own half of Utah"

"That's the way I see it! It's all true!"

Mormons: The Mormon Church Conspiracy


Chapter 1 Overview of Mormonism
Chapter 2 Mormon Doctrine and Beliefs
Chapter 3 Ex-Mormons and Excommunication from the Mormon Church
Chapter 4 Organization and Finance of the Mormon Church
Chapter 5 Indoctrination, Activities and Social Pressure
Chapter 6 Missionaries: Proselytizing and Two More Years of Indoctrination
Chapter 7 Authority, Obedience and Political Activities
Chapter 8 The Conspiracy
Important Dates in the History of the Mormon Church
Total pages: 289

BYU Charles L. Wood, a Navy veteran, received his Ph.D. from the University of Iowa and was a professor at the University of Akron. In addition, he held positions as teacher and administrator in elementary, secondary and higher education. He has traveled extensively throughout the world and lived for several years in France and Germany. He authored two books on Education and over thirty articles in national journals prior to writing "The Mormon Conspiracy." He also was editor of the national journal, "American Secondary Education."

Excerpts From “The Mormon Conspiracy”

* It is estimated that the assets of the Mormon Church have increased from about $15 billion in 1983 to over 50 billion in 2010.

* Over sixty thousand fully-trained, adequately financed and prepared Mormon missionaries are serving in all parts of the United States and in over 124 countries around the world.

* Because young Mormon men have served in and studied the languages of foreign countries throughout the world, large numbers of them have been hired by the federal Central Intelligence Agency and therefore are in control of a significant amount of CIA activities.

* Many Mormon men have been hired by the FBI, a preponderance when considering their proportion to the percentage of the population.

* A top leader of the Mormon Church has stated: “When our leaders speak the thinking has been done. When they propose a plan--it is God’s plan. When they point the way, there is no other way that is safe. When they give direction, it should mark the end of controversy.”

* A Mormon Church radio network is in operation that is both national and worldwide. The Mormon Church-owned Brigham Young University airs church promoting broadcasts throughout the world. The basketball games of BYU are especially attractive to South American listeners.

* The church utilizes radio and television stations throughout the United States to broadcast “Home Front Series” offering to send listeners free copies of the KJV of the Bible or the “Book of Mormon" and family-value videos. They are given toll-free phone numbers to call for these. When they arrive, they come with two Mormon missionaries “attached,” wanting an appointment to talk to families. These radio and television commercials are professionally produced and designed to enhance the public image of the church. (For anyone who orders these free materials from the Home Front, the Mormon Church has a professionally organized follow-up program. In addition, after the missionary visits, the mission president’s office of the district follows up these proselytizing calls).

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Mormon Conspiracy

* In states with a high concentration of Mormon Churches, non-Mormon boys who want to participate in Boy Scout activities often must join the Mormon Church sponsored group. In these areas the Boy Scout troops become important recruiting prospects for the church. Because the Boy Scouts have a “God and Country” award for those performing their duties well, it connects Scouts with a religion, and thus Scout programs become also an important proselytizing and indoctrination tool for the church.

* Since the church hierarchy “hold the keys to the temple,” members must remain loyal and obedient to the church in order to get a temple recommend that allows entrance therein. Even parents of the bride and groom must have a temple recommend to attend weddings of their sons or daughters. And since members must have a temple recommend from their bishop (a trusted, faithful servant of the church), also signed by the stake president in order to be allowed to enter the temple, a recommend becomes a powerful tool that the Authorities use in obtaining compliance with the laws and rules of the church, including the required ten percent tithing. This explains why Church Authorities have been building temples at a record pace in recent years.

* Just as the United States Army has its military academy, and the United States Air Force has the Air Force academy, the Mormon Church has Brigham Young University for training its future leaders. There are at least 100,000 leadership positions for Mormon priesthood holders to assume, including bishops, stake presidents, mission, district and branch presidents and the General Authorities. What better way could be found to provide for the thousands of leaders for the Mormon Church than to give them a low cost education which not only ensures further indoctrination into church teachings and beliefs, but also provides students with a lifetime comfortable income? And ten percent of this income will be funneled back into the church to pay for continued proselytizing and expansion of the church, all controlled by a handful of men, the General authorities. And the Mormon Church hierarchy’s indoctrination program is having outstanding success, for according to a BYU survey of its students, 98 percent believe in Joseph Smith as a Prophet and 98 percent believe that the Mormon Church is divine, the “Only true Church on the face of the whole earth.” In addition, 88 percent would “place obedience to authority above your own personal preferences.”

* The CES (Church Educational System) and the higher education system which are shaping church members and church leaders to be “obedient, intensely loyal, disciplined, submissive to ecclesiastical authority, committed to official orthodoxy as defined by the hierarchy,” are just what the Church Authorities intend.

* We live in a pluralistic society encompassing many nationalities, religions and cultures. Most of us believe in individualism and free thinking. From this pluralistic society our laws have been developed. That may not be pleasing to all, but our laws have been accepted by the majority. Within this society, we have individuals with the necessary leadership abilities to maintain and improve our freedoms. Hopefully, we have the capability to prevent the control of our society by an organization that would limit our individual freedoms and democracy. Since it is believed that the Mormon General Authorities conspire to turn this country into their kingdom, we must expose them and insure that they will not succeed.

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Mormon Conspiracy

* Joseph Smith taught that a man who took ten wives with him to heaven had ten times as much chance of becoming God of his own planet than a man who took only one wife. It is said that Joseph’s own adventure with plural marriage began with Fannie Alger. Oliver Cowdery, who at one time was second in command of the Mormon Church, called Joseph’s relation with Fannie Alger, at that time about eighteen, “a dirty, nasty, filthy affair.” Joseph’s polygamist marriages did not stop with unmarried women, as he also “married” Priescindia Huntington Buell, who was the wife of Norman Buell who had left the Mormon Church. Priescindia had stated that she did not know whether her husband or Joseph was the father of her child. A picture of her son Oliver Buell in Fawn Brodie’s book, “No Man Knows My History,” shows resemblance to Joseph Smith. Brodie also states that Oliver Buell was “sealed or adopted” to Smith in the Mormon temple in Salt Lake City.

*Students who are admitted and professors who are employed at Brigham Young University must adhere to the university policy that requires annual recommendation letters from local Mormon bishops verifying that these persons have continuing temple recommends. Receiving and continuing the temple recommend requires that the member certify that one is loyal to church leaders and is faithful to church teachings. Since nine of the First presidency and the Quorum of Twelve Apostles are members of the thirteen-member BYU Board of Trustees, the church hierarchy insures that the university professors and students comply with church doctrine.

* Few foreign citizens are aware that the Mormon Church is not predominantly “The American Church,” but only a minority church. It is not a mainstream American church, nor does the Mormon “American church uphold the American democratic ideals that many foreigners admire. Instead of American democratic ideals, the Mormon Church is governed by a monarchical style of administration, in which the head of the church, the “President,” assisted by apostles and other General Authorities, makes all appointments and decisions of the church. The President of the church is not elected by church members, but assumes power strictly by seniority as the oldest apostle (in seniority as an apostle).

* The Mormon Church authorities have no right to allege to citizens of foreign countries that the Mormon Church is an American church which typifies American culture and beliefs.

* Mormon women are taught that men, through the power of the priesthood, also provide the path for them to communicate with God. Men, who are the priesthood holders, according to doctrine, have mystical powers (not given to women) to heal the sick and to remove evil spirits from them. Men have the authority in the home and generally lead all prayer there, lead all church services and others such as funerals, weddings, etc.

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Mormon Conspiracy

*Spirits waiting to enter mortal existence was another one of Joseph Smith’s creations arising from his remarkable imagination. The idea, no doubt, had the ulterior motive of increasing membership in his church by encouraging members to have large families. Smith’s desire to expand the membership of his church has resulted in great burdens being place upon young married women, who need this time to gain an education or training for a vocation that would improve their economic positions in life. Instead, they are tied down to bearing and raising more children.
* By creating the priesthood, Joseph Smith was able to provide a framework from which the church would grow and also prevent defectors. Within this organization is a system that provides constant vigilance upon members to pressure them to remain in the church. It is not unlike the Communist spying system which held the Russian and surrounding smaller nations’ peoples under the Communist dictatorship of the Proletariat for almost a century, only to be broken when Mikhail Gorbachev destroyed the spying system in his attempt to democratize the Communist Party.

* Because of long indoctrination, frequent social interaction in the church, and overseeing by the priesthood, former members find leaving the Mormon Church accompanied by trauma, psychological problems and social disorganization. This is especially so if a member of the church has been born into a family that is active in the church, and has grown to adulthood while a member. To understand why it is so difficult to leave the church, even if one has a strong desire to do so, it is important to know about the intense propagandizing, reinforcement, social controls and the priesthood “watch” that insure members “toe the line” regarding church regulations and doctrine.

*Probably the most embarrassing church member for the Mormon hierarchy was Mark Hofmann, a forger-bomber. This is because the current President of the Mormon Church, 91 year old Gordon B. Hinckley, was directly involved in the Mormon document forgeries. Hinckley served as a second counselor of the church’s First Presidency when he made arrangements through intermediaries to purchase historical documents from Hofmann. Unbeknownst to Hinckley was the fact that the documents he purchased for the church were forged by Hofmann. Hofmann, who had lost faith in the church and had a deep resentment toward it, developed a clever scheme to destroy the church that he hated as well as to become rich through it. His scheme was first to forge faith-promoting documents and thus gain the confidence of the church hierarchy. Then he followed up by forging documents that, if they became public, would destroy the faith of many. He became skilled at developing paper through the use of chemicals that gave his documents the appearance of old writings. Some of these that he forged appeared to be in Joseph Smith’s own handwriting.

*Mormonism---“is like a cancer that has invaded my body, even my very soul. When I left the church, I removed a large lump, only to find that the cancer had spread. But day by day and bit by bit I am removing that which would prevent my body and soul from living free.”

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Mormon Conspiracy



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